Love Does by Bob Goff – A chapter-by-chapter review

Book Review: Bob Goff’s Love Does

Foreword: Inside “Love Does”

Introduction: Inside “Love Does”: Who needs an office?

Chapter 1: Inside “Love Does”: I’m With You

Chapter 2: Live differently – Live as Love Does

Chapter 3: Love audaciously

Chapter 4: Failure is part of the process

Chapter 5: Looking in the rearview mirror

Chapter 6: “Go Buy Your Books”

Chapter 7: “Love is a do thing”

Chapter 8: Small rocks and wedding cake

Chapter 9: Say yes

Chapter 10: The Interviews

Chapter 11: You’re already invited

Chapter 12: Words shape us

Chapter 13: Bigger and Better

Chapter 14: Being fake

Chapter 15: What Jesus Did

Chapter 16: Missing the mark

Chapter 17: Reverse economy is the way to go

Chapter 18: Jesus, satan, and what love does

Chapter 19: Are you leaking Jesus?

Chapter 20: Invitation to adventure

Chapter 21: Directionally challenged

Chapter 22: Leave behind the cheap imitation

Chapter 23: Jesus plus nothing

Chapter 24: Be secretly incredible

Chapter 25: Living on the edge

Chapter 26: God pursues us

Chapter 27: Sitting curbside

Chapter 28: It’s time to pick a fight

Chapter 29: Stalking Jesus?

Chapter 30: Palms up living

Chapter 31: Guts and Grits

One comment

  1. Love the book Bob! I am now calling my sunday school class- bible doing group. The only part about the book I do not like is I finish reading it. Please write another. Love you — Vince.

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