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Tonight’s Verse

Different Kind of Prayer


Generic Generic GERIATRIC Generic


Beautiful Passage from C.S. Lewis’ “The Horse and His Boy”


1st lines


About late bloomers


On this the one-year anniversary

Standing as a tribute

Quitter and me

“Quitter, me, and the Resistance” or “I am a Writer, Part 2”

Generating ideas

Vision: Living a better story by sharing yours!

Genesis 16:13

Did you know virgins are like unicorns?

Weigh less, write more

Weigh In, Word Count Smackdown

Storytime: The Power of Naming

Weight In, Word Count Smackdown (Week 2)

Acts 4:18-20

“I thought God was doing a new thing”

Weight In, Word Count Smackdown (Week 3)

God is a washing machine. God is a bottle of mouthwash. God is in the conflict.

Weight In, Word Count Smackdown (Week 4)

Hello Somebody? Is anyone listening?

The Family Ranking: Meet the sweet six + 1

Weight In, Word Count Smackdown (Week 5)

4 down, 66 to go

Fast and the Furious

Weight In, Word Count Smackdown (Week 6)

Letting God ink you

Weight In, Word Count Smackdown (Week 7)

An Open Letter: Bring hope to this lil’ fella!

Who will save your soul?

Weight In, Word Count Smackdown (Week 8)

Rights or Relationship or Religion

Weight In, Word Count Smackdown (Week 9)

Oh I love me some vampires!

Bridget Jones and I are soul sisters (Repost)

Quotes and Quippy Quotes

Guest Blogger: Genius-on-aisle-five reviews a book


#FinishYear 2012 & Reflecting on 2011

Storytime: I walked to Jesus

Book Review: Ernest Hemingway’s “A Moveable Feast”

Today you are two, little man!

Sometimes nothing is the appropriate response

Book Review: Ally Condie’s “Crossed” (2nd in the Matched trilogy)

Compare and Contrast

Listopia: TVs and Movies

Book Review: Donald Miller’s “Blue Like Jazz: Nonreligious Thoughts on Christian Spirituality”

Grammy’s, Oscar’s, & Genius-on-aisle-five

It’s Valentine’s Day! (Part 1)

Happy Valentine’s Day! Part 2: Top 3 Songs

Happy Valentine’s Day! Part 3: Top Romantic Scenes

Happy Valentine’s Day! Part 4: Most Romantic Poets

Happy Valentine’s Day! Part 5: Movies, Movies, Movies

Oscar 2012 Showcase, Part 1

Book Review: Paul Newman (People Tribute: The Life of a Movie Legend)

Oscar 2012 Showcase, Part 2

Book Review: Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”

Book Review: Markus Zusak’s “I am the Messenger”

Book Reviews: Second Sight and Screening Justice


Forward Motion #1: Kanye West

“Blue Like Jazz” and Donald Miller

Prescreening “Blue Like Jazz” film


Forward Motion #2: Marc Johns

Book Review: Donald Miller’s “To Own A Dragon: Reflections on Growing Up Without a Father”


“Blue Like Jazz”: Embrace Messy Spirituality

Forward Motion #3: PostSecret

Book Review: Chris Cleave’s “Little Bee”


Book Review: “Called to Controversy” by Ruth Rosen

Forward Motion #4: Blackout Poetry

Book Review: Rosanne Cash’s “Composed: A Memoir”

#FinishYear: A Progress Report

An Apology is in Order

Counting Down to “Blue Like Jazz – The Movie”

Book Review: Craig Groeschel’s “Chazown”

Letters to a young preacher

Book Review: Sarah Addison Allen’s “Garden Spells”

Forward Motion #5: Your Local Library

Book Review: Chris Van Allsburg’s “The Z was Zapped”

Live the questions. Quit copying a script.

Book Review: Bob Goff’s “Love Does”

Inside “Love Does”

Inside “Love Does”: Who needs an office?

On this the one-year anniversary (REPOST)

Inside “Love Does”: I’m with you

Live differently – Live as love does

Love audaciously

Failure is part of the process

Looking in the rearview mirror

“Go buy your books”

“Love is a do thing”

Small rocks and wedding cake

Say Yes

The Interviews

You’re Already Invited

Words Shape Us

Bigger and Better

Being Fake

What Jesus Did

A Letter to You

Missing the Mark

Reverse economy is the way to go

Jesus, satan, and what love does

Are you leaking Jesus?

Invitation to adventure

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