Oscar time again, part one

It’s that time of year again when the Oscars are approaching. My oldest sister and I are going to the AMC Theaters Best Picture Showcase for the fifth year. This weekend we saw four of the nine nominated best pictures.

I tweeted my reviews immediately after each film was viewed and want to share them here again with you.


PhilomenaPhilomena was delightful. Lithe & lovely & heartbreaking at every turn.#AMCbps

Dallas Buyers Club

dbcDallas Buyers Club: brutal and brilliant. #amcbps

The Wolf of Wall Street

wolfyWolf of Wall Street: whirlwind crash and burn about money money money.#amcbps

12 Years A Slave

1212 Years A Slave is an unwavering, earth shattering account of atrocities against other humans. Go see. Damn. #amcbps

So I’ve now seen four of the nine nominated. Do I have any predictions to make about who I think might win or most deserves the Oscar? Nope.

All four movies were based on true stories. All four movies are also books. This weekend was full of some seriously heavy drama. I loved every minute of it. Or most of the minutes anyhow.


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