21 is my number

21 is my magic number.

Or as of two weeks ago, that is the number I chose for myself.

I figured I could stick to or eliminate something for 21 days.

30 days? Meh. It’s not gonna happen. I usually lose my uumph. 
My personality type is an all-or-nothing mentality.
Which is great when I’m all about something, but when it’s off – good luck!

The 21 days is taking those parts of myself and working on small changes. A sprint not a marathon.
With the tiny results or sense of accomplishment, my confidence gets a boost.

Here are two areas I’m focusing my 21 on:

1) Walking
I’ve chosen to walk 21 times. Currently I’ve completed 11 walking days. My friend Jules and I are walking in preparation to traveling to Romania and building up our endurance. We meet four times a week.

A text is sent : Where? What time?

We’ve already committed so the only questions are where and when. No “do you want to walk today?” messages are sent. Although, it crosses my mind.

But for me, each time I walk I’m one step closer to my goal of 21. Ultimately, this feeds into my general feeling of better. Winter blues and that antogonizing bouts of depression get a swift kick in their hindside. I look forward to my walks not because it’s something I have to do, but it’s already schedule and placed on my calendar. It’s walk #11 and I’m on way to 21.

2) Bible reading
I chose to read my Bible 21 times. I am a horrible crack-your-Bible- daily-and-read person. I’ll read a self-help book or listen to a podcast or look for quotes on Pinterest 50,000 times before opening up my Bible or YouVersion app on my phone. There’s some ugly truth for you. But I chose to read my Bible. 21 times. I can do that. I chose a 21-day reading plan from YouVersion, selected The Message as my preferred reading translation, and got to reading. It’s been tough. I’m not going to candy-coat it. But it’s been good. And everyday I’m one reading away from reaching 21. Oh yea, I chose a bible reading plan on fasting. Not because I’m fasting, but I’m interested. For me, research of an interest is where I’ll start first. So for fasting, I’m starting with the Bible. This may very well be added to my list of 21 to try.

These are just two things I’m doing. Each of these are nothing big or major, but there are not necessarily small either. They are both lessons for me in discipline.

Scary word: discipline. But it’s the word that is chasing me around and I’d be a fool to not take notice and action on it.

So there it is my rule of 21. It’s not scientific, whatever, it’s working for me. It’s probably only noticeable to me. But it is working and creating and inspiring within me. That good inside change is where it’s at. Evenutally, it leaks and seeps out. It can’t not. And I’m excited to see the footprint trail I leave as I move forward.


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