A year of changes

A year ago, I made some drastic changes. I sold my house and moved in with my cousin and his family.

One of the biggest, best experiences of my life.

Moving in with my cousin and his family has allowed me to be surrounded with those who really get me. They get doing things differently. They get making choices that set you apart. They get me. (Other than calling me a dirty hippie, I think it’s been a good move for everyone!)

I felt called to sell my house (check!). I felt called to embrace a more minimalistic way of living (It’s a process, people). I felt called to finish graduate school (9 hours down!). And I felt called to travel abroad (Romania trip is in the works!)

My cousin felt called to leave his Corporate America job. And did. He launched a business that joined his amazing design and artistic talents with communities, churches, and organizations that want their messages shared. Hello Creativity for the Creator! His wife encouraged him to go and be and do what God has set within him. Before my eyes, I’m seeing a marriage working in partnership and in obedience. Amazing. I get to hang with their hilarious kids, play intense 12 hour Monopoly games, and discover I kind of, sort of like hanging out in the great outdoors.


Sometimes on the journey you get lost or feel stuck or just forget who you are. In those moments, I am thankful for my community of friends and family who remind me of who I am, who encourage me to write, and who encourage me to have fun. I hope I do the same for them.

Here’s to the next steps in 2014: Romania, completing more school, paying down debt, and embracing life and all its whimsy.



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