Back roads and babies


A solitary drive.

Heading out to the country.

Back roads of Oklahoma.

Dust and gravel and red dirt.

The further I retreat from the city the noise, the frenetic pace, the busyness all fade. Fade to a distant hum.

The anticipation of reaching the farm

Of being greeted by dogs and babies and family

is my favorite.

The view. A farmhouse tucked safely away. A refuge. A sanctuary.

Tonight my gaze isn’t captured by the farmhouse,

instead I come around the bend and see

– my Little Man bouncing with excitement, pointing and grinning, and wearing a killer goatee of red, mud-packed artistry.

– my Oxford Comma, the baby, shattering me with his life-inspiring mischievous grin.

These boys are my babies.

And they know it deep in themselves – like I know it.

I’m undone with Little Man’s sweet voice exclaiming, “Keke’s here!”

I’d go and be and do anything for these two. And there is nothing more perfect than taking a drive out on those country back roads to spend the evening with my favorite little guys.



  1. What a beautiful expression in words of your love for those two precious little men.
    I love them to….and you.! Feeling ver klempt. Mom

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