Last moments in my home (part 2)

So last night my awesome friend and now former roommate Jules and I compiled a list of our most awesome/unforgettable/embarrassing/favorite moments. Remember no judgement! This is a celebration of an old chapter and a new chapter!

Here they are:

  1. Naked Cowboy – This dude “lived” across the street. I swear he really might’ve been photo-shopped EXCEPT he was really a live human being in the yard across the street. Our friends would come over to my house not to see us, but watch for sightings of Naked Cowboy.
  2. Community marathons – If you are not watching NBC’s Community, you are so streets behind. Get with it people. Countless hours of laughter and antics because of this television show.
  3. Chili – Jules makes the meanest, bestest chili this side of anywhere and it often solved life’s little problems. Having a hard day? Chili. Cold outside? Chili. Tired of packing, moving, selling crap? Chili. If you ask really nicely, I bet Jules would make you a pot of this awesomeness.
  4. So. Much. Beer. Never. One. Party. –  Our house looked like a frat’s next kegger waiting to happen.But I’m not really hostess material. Or like people nosing around in my business, much less my house. So no parties here. I take my party on the road.                          (This picture just doesn’t do it justice.)fridge
  5. Pink slip – Nothing like receiving a notice from the city because you might happen to have one weed that happens to be really tall, like adult-size tall. This may or may not have happened.
  6. The awesomely nosy gun-toting neighbors next door – these people could be super friendly or super creepy with their intensity for opening the front door with a gun. I’m just saying. These are people you want to keep on the good side of.
  7. The miraculous parting of the leaves – My yard had seven trees. Indeed, a Godly yard – it is His favorite number. And because the yard was blessed with His Holiness, every autumn when the leaves would fall and pile everywhere as in up to your knees, wading through kind of piles, but by the third day of the leaves collectively dropping from their limbs the leaves would part on each side of the sidewalk and stay that way all winter. It was and is a miracle – like a tiny, brief glimpse of the parting of the Red Sea in the Old Testament. Also, I would be remiss if I did not share that this year not only did the leaves part miraculous but not too long after putting the house up for sale the leave disappeared all together. Every last one of them. Gone. I didn’t rake them. Jules didn’t rake them. Coolest miracle. Ever.
  8. The Spider Incident – this spider took up a brief residence in Jules’s shower and we were both afraid of killing it. So I sprayed it with bug spray – it didn’t die. I sprayed it with hairspray – it did not die. It did begin to kind of freeze up and spasm though….so gross. I finally smashed it with a plastic cup. Jules and I screamed and screamed. I did a scaredy dance and nearly puked everywhere. By far the worse spider incident ever. I may need counseling. Just retelling the story is making me feel all clammy.
  9. Art Group – a time where artists of all walks gather to drink, eat, create, and solve the world’s problems.  It was also my time to share my favorite new rap songs and any other new artists I may have stumbled across. My art group is so close and dear to my heart. Those times together are so sweet and intense and soul restoring. I love my girls. But this was not a party. This was all about the art. Art, I tell you, art.
  10. Magic Mike Night – Once upon a time, some really great friends got together and watched Magic Mike. And then again. And then again. And ate some grub. And there was even some learning the dance moves and shaking booties. But not by me. This girl don’t dance. I’m too busy socializing.

This list is short and full of ramblings and doesn’t come close to explaining the fun and exciting and even quiet moments in my home. But Jules and I had fun. And the late night conversations were my favorite.

Thanks Jules for being so incredible and true and real. You are amazing!



  1. Loved this farewell tribute to your first home. Happy future days forward as you and the LORD travel the high road together. Love U. GG

  2. Will miss your Royal Tenenbaums-pink Domino magazine-teal with a splash of Colbalt house, but, only because you were there. It gave me a home at times when I could not find comfort in my own. It was a place an artistic soul could find rest and where the manna of creativity was collected. The garage, an often overlooked room in a house by most ladies, was our little Italy of food, wine and conversation. A place where hurts of a most trench-like depth laid sprawled on our card table alter. It was a place to let go, be heard, hold hearts. Come to think of it, it was like the best church I’ve ever been to. Laughter ruled, silliness encouraged, and love the norm. Here’s to you little house!

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