October is for writers

Photo courtesy of Kaleidoscope International

October is my favorite month during my favorite season. And now it has even more reason to be my favorite. My friend Jim Woods has invited me and thee and everyone in between to Writers Unite!

There are four components to this:

1. I will do the writing I know I should be doing; be it blog posts, essays, a short story, poem, novel or something else.

2. I will write for myself first, not to please anyone else.

3. By the end of October, I will share at least a portion of this writing on my website.

4. I will encourage and support others that are participating by using the hashtag #writersunite as much as possible (via Jim)

For me this will be blogging here less and focusing on a major research project. I will also be working on a short story. I look forward to sharing my short story with you at the end of October and will spare you the doldrums of my research project.

I would love for you to join this community with us: journal, create, write, and share.

Please let me know if you are planning on participating or are already involved, I would love to encourage you!


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    1. Ha! Thanks Christine! I am feeling so sluggish about everything and I think this month is just what I need – a good kick in the pants! And that’s why I love you – you totally get the joy of QR codes!

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