A family tree of awesomeness


Happy Birthday, Mickey!

Have you taken a good look at your family tree lately? It’s pretty incredible.

A son. A daughter.

Four granddaughters. One grandson.

One great-granddaughter. Eight great-grandsons.

And we still keep blooming and growing and living large.

Because you have been an inspiration and motivation to live life fully.

You have shared so many laughs with us. You have shared so many stories. You have given us the gift of dream vacations and seeing the world.

I saw Alaska in all its gloriousness. I read Jack London while visiting Alaska because of you. I white water rafted down through Denali National Park because you gave me the gift of travel.

You have been hang-gliding with my cousin and sister in Hawaii. You took my other sister to be baptized in the Jordan River. And that’s just to name a few adventures.

This year, you took the entire family to Key West and the Bahamas on the big red party boat. You danced with your eldest great-grandson. You visited Hemingway’s home with us. You cheered on your granddaughter and great-granddaughter while they sang karaoke. Every night we gathered for dinner.

We are a loud, rambunctious, ornery bunch. And we are yours.

I love you! Thank you for giving me such a gift of family.

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