Saying yes to an epic adventure

I wanted to give a an update to how 2012 is going and what direction (I think) I am headed toward.  This is my much overdue update for Finish Year.*

Trust the process

I have failures and mistakes in my past. Who doesn’t? God, however, is asking me to journey backwards to go forward. He will not let the past define me, but He knows me better than myself. And He knows that I will let the past define me. So, He has asked me to trust Him and to trust the process. He says to me that we are going into the shadows and I will have the opportunity to grow and learn. I will have Him by my side each step. He wants me to know, really know, Him as my restoration.

Cracked open

My love of learning has returned me to the classroom. I am taking a graduate class in English. I am actually having fun. It’s time intensive and challenging, but I like it.

My heart is cracking open in unimaginable ways about orphans, about fostering children, about adopting – both locally and globally. I am seeking direction in this. I am seeking opportunities to serve. I am saying yes.

Finally, I am being called to less. As the girl who has always needed and wanted more, I find this to be quite funny. But less it is. And it’s funny how when you begin paring down, you realize what really is essential and how rich you are in so many other ways.


This is radical. And scary. There is part of me that doesn’t want to share because when you share, you are vulnerable. But –

I shared I am a writer with you all. And I am. I’ve floundered. I’ve flourished. Nevertheless, I am still a writer.

I’m must trust the process. Trust God: God the Father. God the Spirit. God the Christ.

This isn’t some new age, feel good shit.

I have no idea what the future will look like. My dream isn’t clearly defined. Yet. Instead I’m living my way to the answers.

All I can do is lean in and follow Jesus. That is enough.


For now, I’m taking a class. A nerdy research class that is full of nerdy awesomeness.

I’m learning all I can about orphans, foster care, adoption. I am connecting with friends. I am attending a class about the fatherless. I am listening to friends and acquaintances share their story of adoption or fostering or their hearts for orphan care.

And I’m selling out. Literally. I am removing the non-essentials from life. I am on journey to rational minimalism.


Because God and I are on an adventure. And it is going to be epic.


*What is Finish Year (#FinishYear)?

Finish Year is a community of people online encouraging one another in January and throughout the year to stay resolved and determined to see our goals lived out. Check it out and join in. Don’t allow past failures, lost opportunities define today as ruined. Make a better choice – one choice at a time. Better choices, better decisions will thrust us forward into 2012 and into our beautiful Stories.



  1. I just left a long comment, but it doesn’t appear that it saved! I am so excited for you. This is a great journey to be on. God will often ask us to go back first so that we can truly deal with the things from our past so that he can use them for good.

    I love that you have a heart for adoption. My brother and sister were both adopted, so it is very near to my heart. I have many friends who have adopted as well. Can’t wait to hear more about this and see where God takes you.

    We have been working towards the minimalism for a while now as well. We’re doing everything we can to live fluidly, pay off debt, and be ready to move when God calls. My Pastor calls this “strategic readiness.” We are definitely in a year of that! Can’t wait to see you in a few days and talk more about this!

    1. Sorry about comment thing! Boo! One day I’ll be on disqus : )

      I love this “strategic readiness” – what a great way to express all of this! I think I’ve had a heart for adoption for a long time but it wasn’t until recently that I quit focusing so much on self and on my doubts. I can’t wait to see what God has in store either. I have no idea…and I’m excited!

      I can’t wait to see you in a few days either! We have so very much to talk over!

  2. Wow!! And good for you! I have a feeling God is about to take you on an amazing journey – all because you are saying yes and are willing to trust His hand. Can’t wait to hear about the wild and wonderful things He is going to do through you! 🙂

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