You are enough. For months now that is what keeps coming to mind. You are enough. There is nothing to add, subtract, calculate, manipulate.

I am enough.
You are enough.
Do we not realize this?
With God for us
with us
in us
With God being in all things
all knowing
all places
What is to fear?

Our lack?
Our weakness?
Our mistakes?

If we grasp even the slightest comprehension of a loving God who is everything we learn to quit disclaiming, to quit could’ve, should’ve, would’ve-ing our lives away.

I am enough
God is more than enough.

So when Comparison comes knocking on my door. And I open it. Comparison runs and greets Insecurity who has been hiding under my bed as an old friend. They unite in their lie. They vampirically feed on my if onlys, somedays, I wishes.

I am learning to kick them both out the door. And with them doubt. Doubt. Comparing. Insecurities. These are but the tiniest specks of nothingness to my God. I forget this. I despair. I believe these lies. Our comparisons, our doubts, our fears are bigger than our God. We believe God is changed, vengeful, angry, unwilling. But He isn’t. He is not bound by my monkey mind.

I am enough. Are you? You are enough. Am I?

Quit straining, pushing, fighting, to meet your vision of expectations.

Expectations are the 2nd cousin of hope.

Give me hope. Speak truth in my life.

Those do me better than expectations.

When I see God in a bottle of mouthwash, in a washing machine, in a smile, in a moment of desperation, even in depraved places I am tasting God.

I have affirmation of my God who is more powerful than regret*, who loves me fully, completely, wholly – who is more magnificent than circumstances, situations, and incidents – who loves me enough to say “You are enough”.

I bring God to the dressing room and I critique each part of me – showing him my scars, showing him my uglies, showing him my doubts. I tell him He messed up. I can never be what I need to be or long to be.

He listens. He responds.

He kisses my scars and says to me “You are enough.”

He smiles gently at my uglies and says “You are enough.”

He gathers my doubts in His sure-steadied palm. He examines them out of amusement, out of understanding. He is not frustrated or irritated. He lovingly picks up each of the doubts and examines them. A scientist studying a species of doubts. To each doubt he says “That is my child. She is enough.” One by one. Until all the doubts are contained in a jar. He never tires of this. He never tires of me, of you coming to him. And for this one exquisite moment – I know I am enough.

I am. You are. Enough.
Because God is more than enough.

*Author and blogger Jon Acuff tweeted about this very thing: @jonacuff: “Am I not more powerful than regret?” The question God asks me when I’m afraid to take a risk I might regret.



  1. Beautiful.

    I wish I could remember this all the time. That it would feel as true as it is in the gave of rejection, non-selection, embarrassment, disappointment. That it was the only explanation anyone ever needed for me, from me.

    Thank you.

  2. I love the “I bring God to the dressing room…” section! What a lovely writing. Thank you for sharing. If only I could always remember this.

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