Minimalism, faith, and true satisfaction: Living with Less



I am excited to share Joshua Becker’s book Living with Less: An Unexpected Key to Happiness which is geared toward teens and young adults. I found this easy-to-read book both educational and insightful.

“Minimalism is not a decision to live with nothing. It is a decision to live with only the essential.”

Joshua Becker and his family are rational minimalists. In Living with Less he shares his learning about minimalism and then their unfolding journey. The book seeks to clarify and debunk some myths associated with minimalism. Minimalism is different for each person, each family.

“And if we were going to become minimalists, it would have to be a style of minimalism specific to us.”

In this book he not only shares his story of minimalism, but how this story is very much part of his faith. He writes about Jesus, about living counter-culturally, about having less stuff and experiencing greater satisfaction.

“Jesus holds a far different view on possessions than the world. I believe he holds a far different view on possessions than many churches. And I believe he holds a far different view on possessions than many Christians.”

Here are three reasons to get yourself a copy of Living with Less:

1) Are you stressed? Discontent? Surrounded by clutter and unused things?
In Living With Less, you are shown the benefits of living with less. Less stuff means less maintenance. By choosing to not engage in excessive consumerism you find contentment outside of stuff and have less stuff coming into your home.

2) Are you fed up with living paycheck to paycheck? Do you want to be a generous person?
Joshua Becker encourages readers to make better financial decisions, to give away stuff, to live differently. In the pages of this book, you will find a benefit of living with less is you can be a more generous person. You are less focused on self and more focused on others.

3) Are you tired of living just for yourself?
This book encourages us to lean in and listen to God. To trust God to bring us true freedom and satisfaction. To believe God has more in store for us than simply things.

This book has a life-changing message, so check it out on Amazon, just follow this link right here.

Are you interested? ‘Cause I am giving away a free copy of Living With Less: An Unexpected Key to Happiness. Leave a comment below or retweet this on Twitter. I’ll randomly choose a winner by Friday, August 24, 2012.




  1. Kristen,

    I’ve always called myself a sentimental minimalist. Usually the sentimentalism wins out, but the struggle continues. I don’t know if the book talks about the way our sentimentalism binds us and our children (who feel obligated to honor us by keeping our stuff when we’re gone), but I’d love to read the book for more insight. Perhaps my inner minimalist could finally win!

    1. I like this: sentimental minimalist! I think I have the same struggles but I am learning and trying to move beyond stuff. And, of course, keep a few sentimental items but not in boxes. I want to have them out in my home.

  2. I think I will pick up a copy. Very interesting. I may suggest it as a bible study for the group, since it is nice to look at different ways people live their fath. Thanks for letting us all know about this book. I now see the connection 😉

    1. Nette! I knew you would put it all together! This would be a great read for a group! Definitely good for discussion and bringing awareness to our excessive consumerism : ) Let me know if you use this book!

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