5 ways to deal with lies

Labels lie

Courtesy of POTSC

1) Reject the lie. Reject the labels. Reject its allure to become truth.

2) Bring all of it – the lies, its baggages, your hurts, scars, wounds to the one and only Healer – Jesus

3) Seek help – Call in support. My first level of support is my true friends who know all the nitty, gritty and speak truth in grace. Grace with skin on. Second level is church. My third level of support is a counselor. Find them, call them, meet with them and let them shine light on those hidden wounds. Not all lies are worn for all the world to see, oftentimes they are carved in our secret selves. Lies become one angry ball of malice and it is seeking to halt us, stalk us, and kill us.

4) Replace the lies with truth.  I write the Scripture out – usually a Psalm because King David’s words are so relatable. Write it out. Every line of a Psalm. The pace of writing it out slows me down and the rhythm of my hand moving across paper with pen in hand connects me, grounds me. My brain, that monkey mind, is halted in its labors of birthing new ways to share the same lie. The writing diverts and distracts me. When I finish writing and reading. I go back through my writing and circle, highlight, mark up passages that I can relate to or I want to comment on. This is how I communicate best with God. Writing quiets me and in the stillness I hear His voice. These moments of pain, of believing the lie are reduced to a picture of beauty from ashes because God always is write next to me in the writing.

5) Share with others. I’m doing this with you. Since the lie for me is ‘you are alone’, by sharing with you – I know I am not alone. Everyone struggles. Everyone has the lie that beats them up. Everyone has a lie that sometimes becomes truth. But by sharing, seeking help, and being proactive I am loosening the lies grip on me.



  1. YES! the trouble with lies is that they have a way of bending our receptors. so then even when we hear the truth, we hear it in a bent way and misapply it. the enemy’s grand plan to isolate us is so effective. so much so that if we don’t have good relationships in place, when the lie is taking hold and we reach out, we reach to the wrong people because of our bent receptors – thus increasing the strength of the weapon.

    i’m convinced this is one of the reasons why men are so often defeated. most of them don’t cultivate relationships for their own sake. Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 9 Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor: If either of them falls down, one can help the other up. But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up.

    1. I heard Jon Acuff say the other day that fear fears community. It is so important for us to confront the lies and fears with the help of our good and trustworthy friends.

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