Love the way you lie

It’s been a bit quiet here on my blog the last few days, but don’t you worry your pretty lil’ heart. I am deeply thinking on this subject of lies. I want to share what I am learning and discovering, but it is taking time.

Christine – friend, fellow Quitter, and blogger – commented the other day on my blog post When Lies Become Your Truth:

The lie is an abusive lover. Not only does it beat you up and leave you bleeding on the floor, but it convinces you it’s the only one that will ever love you and without it, you’re more alone then ever.

Right there, the lie is an abusive lover. What a visual. What insight. What illustration. And chillingly disturbing.

Thinking on this, Eminem and Rihanna‘s song “Love the Way you Lie” played in my car the other morning. I felt I had to share the music video.

I believe this is how messed up our relationships with lies look and are:




So why do we believe the lie?



  1. what we say at our house is, “Stop it, or i’ll bury you alive in a box!” so that’s what i’m trying to do. stop believing the lie. because i don’t want to be buried alive in a box.

  2. Because it’s comfortable/familiar. Because we don’t think we are worthy of the truth. Because we don’t think others will accept the truth. Because it lets us off the hook. Believing the lie means we don’t have to work, try, or step out in faith. Believing the lie is easy; living the truth is often hard.

    1. Rachel,

      I agree believing the lie is easier than living the truth. That’s the key: living the truth. You are so right! Thank you for stopping by and commenting! I appreciate you!

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