A letter to my oldest sister: Who you are

Today is my oldest sister Kyndal’s birthday.

Kyndal, I can’t believe you are 35. The time has flown and we’re getting closer in age each passing year.

Left-Right: Me, Kyndal, and Sis

Dear Kyndal,

You are an amazing being.

You are a

  • counselor
  • friend
  • faithful guide
  • always on the quest for the perfect pen, bag, & calendar
  • planner
  • dream supporter
  • book reading connoisseur
  • movie marathon addict
  • incredible sister to both Sis & I
  • mentor
  • mother
  • wife
  • encourager
  • you are generous
  • unconditional
  • you are drama-free
  • full of laughter
  • overflowing in joy
  • ultimate connector
  • advocate for women who need support, guidance, and their voices heard

(In third grade I wrote an essay about how I am the apple of my three mothers’ eyes: My two sisters and mom. With the age difference of 12 and 10 years separating me and my sisters, I really believed I had three moms.)

You have helped raise me; you helped teach me to read; you fostered my love for writing and for books; you edited countless school essays and now edit countless blog posts; you and Sis went to college day with me and helped me navigate enrolling, meeting professors; you open your home to me; you gave me two awesome nephews; you married an incredible man who is my very own Lou Grant; you forgave me for melting your cassette tapes, losing your stuff, breaking your E.T. light-up finger toy, decimating your copy of S.E. Hinton‘s The Outsiders with highlighters, pens, folded pages, and a broken spine; you’ve come to my rescue; you’ve listened – no judgement – and offered suggestions, not demands; you are my own Apple Genius and personal iCloud; you’ve provided stability when my world fell apart.

I am honored to have you in my life.
You are a gift to this world unparalleled.
We celebrate you today.
I celebrate you today.

Know you are known.
Know you are loved.
Know you are making a difference.
Know you have an amazing story to share with each of us.
Life with you is a constant adventure.

I love you! And, of course, Happy Birthday!

I got to meet Donald Miller because of Kyndal!



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