How long?

I am out-of-pocket this week and have several guest bloggers lined up. My nephew, 40, has been busy with his plans to be a preacher and wants to share a sermon he wrote with you, dear readers.

I call my nephew 40 because since he was a baby he has always acted like an old man trapped in a little boy’s body – it is hilarious. In all actuality as of today, he is 13. I love this kid so much! 40 is also the nephew that I wrote to in my blog post Letters to a young preacher.

You can last three days without water.
About 3 weeks without food.
But how long can you go without God?

I was raised in a Christian family. I went to many churches. Before I started going to, I went to Bethany First Church of the Nazarene for about two years. My family moved from Oklahoma City to Edmond. This changed a lot of things. It felt like suddenly we stopped going to church and if we wanted to go to church we would have to wake up earlier.

For about two months we didn’t go to church. My best friend Beary (Sidenote: We’ve been best friends since first grade; I’ve become his adopted brother.) asked me to go to church with him. So that Sunday morning I went with him and his family to

As being a Nazarene I wasn’t use to all the people wearing regular clothes. Then I was taken in when they stared playing rock Christian music. This changed a lot of things. I got my mom, brother (Genius-on-Aisle-5),and my dad to go to with me and they loved it.

Now my point is that was a long two months.
So how long, are you going to wait?
Psalm 119:10 says: “I seek you with all my heart; do not let me stray from your commands”.
What does this mean? Are you seeking him with all your heart?

Here’s another verse 1st Chronicles 16:10. “Glory in his holy name; let the hearts of those seek the Lord rejoice”.
If you’re seeking him or waiting for an answer the first thing I can tell you to is pray just simply pray. Second, read the Bible-start in the beginning and go to the end. Also before you read the Bible pray ask him to show you His Word. The best way you’re going to know God is through his word.

So readers: How long are you going to wait? One day? One month? One year? As for me, I dare not go a second without Him.

– Sermon #2, by CLK (40)


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