A letter to you

Dear family and friends,

I am grateful.
Grateful for Jon Acuff and the Quitter Conference.
Grateful to have met fellow Quitter bloggers and have their support.
Grateful to my entire family.
Grateful to have a mentor who has been in my ear for years about how I need to get to writing and I am finally doing it.
Grateful for friends who don’t worry I’ve wandered too far – they know “not all who wander are lost” (Tolkien)

I am amazed by the people I have “met” on Twitter and blogs and Facebook. I have a love/hate relationship with social media yet I can’t deny beauty has come from it.

I am grateful for those who have fed my dreams. Listened to rough drafts being read. Heard the insecurity in my wavering voice and urged me encouragingly onward.

I am grateful for local writers who are willing to talk with me, meet with me, and share their writing group.

I am grateful for a best friend (she and hers are up there in the family category!) who comes to me with an idea or picture and trusts me to find the right words to tell a story.

I am grateful and overwhelmed by your unwavering love.
I am a writer.
And I will write for you. And I will write for myself. And I thank you for reading, for critiquing, for sharing.


(Unknown Jim – You inspired me once again! Keep on doing your thing – it’s incredible to see your dream unfolding! Thank you!)



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