Bigger and Better

This is an ongoing series about the book Love Does by Bob Goff. I am exploring each chapter and sharing a few of my thoughts.

Chapter 13 – Bigger and Better

Bigger and Better is a game in which participants begin with an item of little value and go around in a neighborhood and try to trade up that is bigger and better than the original item. I don’t think I’ve played this game before, but it sounds like it would be fun.

What I love about this chapter is Bob uses this game to essentially challenge my views and definition of sacrifice.

“Are we willing to trade up?” Bob asks.

He goes on to say we always feel like it’s a huge deal to give up something. He explains that really it is a story of bigger and better. And Jesus is asking us if we want to trade up.

“When we get our security from Christ, we no longer have to look for it in the world, and that’s a pretty good trade.”

I’d say so. A very good trade.

So what about you – are you willing to trade up?

To read an excerpt check out Bob’s guest post for Donald Miller here.



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