Being fake

This is an ongoing series about the book Love Does by Bob Goff. I am exploring each chapter and sharing a few of my thoughts.

Chapter 14 – A New Kind of Diet

 “I used to think religion tasted horrible, but now I know I was just eating the fake stuff.”

In “A New Kind of Diet” Bob separates God from religion. It’s an uncomfortable, insightful chapter. He talks about real and fake.

Bob asks us to quit being fake. Instead choose real. Choose authenticity. Choose God and follow Him.

I’d rather people know the real me – the real me who is flawed and fun and cusses and loves Jesus – than the fake me. When I’m authentic people just know it. And when I’m being fake, well, they know that too.

And something incredible happens when we operate in the real. Something that cuts through religion and all the fake that people have been fed.

“Instead, we get to be the ones to show them real love from a real God.” That’s what Bob says and I agree. How freeing to show real love from our real God.

To read an excerpt check out Bob’s guest post for Donald Miller here.


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