Looking in the rearview mirror

This is an ongoing series about the book Love Does by Bob Goff. I am exploring each chapter and sharing a few of my thoughts.

Chapter 5 – The Rearview Mirror

Have you ever wanted someone or something so badly you couldn’t see beyond it? Then this chapter in Bob Goff’s book Love Does is a must read.

I’ve learned that God sometimes allows us to find ourselves in a place where we want something so bad that we can’t see past it. Sometimes we can’t even see God because of it. When we want something that bad, it’s easy to mistake what we truly need for the thing we really want. When this sort of thing happens, and it seems to happen to everyone, I’ve found it’s because what God has for us is obscured from view, just around another bend in the road…While painful at the time, I can see now, many years later when I look in the rearview mirror of my life, evidence of God’s tremendous love and unfolding adventure for me.

We long for that something or someone. We are obsessed with the idea and our emotions swing in an emotional pendulem. But God knows a little bit more than us, and at some point we may choose to put on God-eyes and see things from a better perspective. Sometimes, not always, certain situations or ideas or wants are made clear to us. In those moments of reflection, I nearly always find myself thankful for the way things have turned out. Thankful for the distance and the view from the rearview mirror of life.

To read an excerpt from this particular chapter check out Bob’s guest post for Donald Miller here.



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