Inside “Love Does”

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Inside Love Does

I am going to spend some time inside the pages of Bob Goff‘s book Love Does: Discover a Secretly Incredible Life in an Ordinary World and share ideas, thoughts which have caused me to pause.

This book will wreck you. For the better.

I’ll break it down into chapters and highlight things that captivate me. And I hope they inspire you too.

Foreword by Donald Miller

So to kick it off: I’ll begin with the foreword. Donald Miller wrote it (so, of course, I have to begin there).

“The reason Bob has impacted my life is because he loves me.”

The reason Bob Goff impacted Donald Miller’s life is because of love. He didn’t impact his life with money or gifts or any other thing. It all begins and ends with love, doesn’t it?

Miller goes on to say, “I don’t know how to explain Bob’s love except to say it is utterly delightful and devastating. You simply cannot live the same once you know him.”

What a description of love.

When someone is an image of love like this to you, you know, it is because their understanding of love is so huge, so pure, it is so of God.

It isn’t bought or coerced or manipulated.

It is a free love.

And disruptive.

Because when you encounter true God-love you will never be the same.



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