Amish Romances slay me!

Amish Buggy Ride

Amish Buggy Ride (Photo credit: puliarf)

Yesterday, I received an email that a new Amish romance is coming out.

Like we need another Amish romance story in the Christian fiction romance genre.

Why? Why? Why? Is it always about Amish people? Why? Why? Why? Do they get super romantic love stories?

During my middle school years, I read a series about a girl and a handsome, strong Canadian Mountie. At the time, I didn’t know these were considered Christian fiction romance, but they were. Oh yes they were. And you know what happened? I decided that I was destined to marry a Canadian Mountie. See what happens when you read some Christian fiction romance book. What if that happens if I crack open an Amish romance story???

No offense to those writing them or to those readers who love them. I’m just trying to understand the appeal – the market – the reason it’s always Amish.

Because you know what happens to me when I see another email or advertisement or bookstore display for these books – I giggle like a schoolgirl.

I giggle and send my sister Kyndal a forwarded email of the newest Amish romance with this note:

Amish romances slay me!



  1. Love this post! Hilarious!!
    PS I read the same Canadian Mountie series. I think I also read one along the same lines about a Frontier Family. I dreamed of chopping my own wood with a frontiersman beside me. LOL!! Like that would ever happen. You know what an outside girl I am!!

  2. If you are talking about Lori Wick and Beverly Lewis books…..I am right along with you. Not sure why it is always Amish people but I think b/c we as a society don’t know much about them since they are kind of closed off from the rest of the world. I think it would be fund to read an “Amish Romance” but take out all Amish references and just make the people religious…wonder if it would be as interesting. PLUS, the ones I have read throw my with “their language”.

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