An Apology is in Order

I began working on this mostly out of frustration. I have discussed with some of my family and friends my dissatisfaction in the way the church as a whole acts. After hours of lively debates and discussions with my roommate Jules (who is the most steadfast, grounded Christian I have ever known) I was ready for action.

Wait, wait, wait – Let me back up just a bit, I read Donald Miller‘s Blue Like Jazz which was a life-changing book and you know I’m a teensy bit excited over meeting the author and helping promote the movie (this Friday, April 13, 2012 in theatres!). Well in the midst of promoting the director of Blue Like Jazz issued a challenge last week: I’ve misrepresented God….and I’m sorry.  These words, this concept caught my heart. I didn’t immediately act on it, but instead sat with it: how have I misrepresented God, how have others misrepresented God, how have we as the church convoluted the message, crossed wires, etc.

I pulled out my stationary and started writing. I’ve left cards at random places in my town, my roommate and I plan to paper the neighborhood with apologies and all of this is now bigger than some movie. It gives me great hope of dialogues starting because of an anonymous, weird, honest little note.

My questions for you are: What would you apologize for? What do you wish others apologized to you for?

I’ve misrepresented God….

Go. Fill in the blank. Paper your town. Send emails. Say it face to face.

…..and I’m sorry.

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