#FinishYear: A Progress Report

I want to give an update of my goals for 2012 otherwise known as #FinishYear.

My FinishYear Goals:

1) Write daily –

I’m writing most days – usually five out of the seven. I also have been blogging regularly 3-4 times a week. I’m seeing a skeleton of my originally intention for this blog becoming more of a reality. I’m excited about adding some new elements to get me even more focused on sharing other people’s stories. I have seen a drastic improvement in my attitude and mental well-being. I believe it has to do with me connecting the words in my head and putting them on paper. Because I am using my talents and gifts, I am not only getting satisfaction, but hopefully providing hope to others. Live your dreams – when you are living your purpose, man, life is just good. Even when it’s tough, it is good.

2) Tithe faithfully

I’ve tithed faithfully January – April. This has been challenging for me, but I love that I am following through on my commitment despite my fears. Tithing also has made me more purposefully in budgeting and being mindful of my money. This has been a growing season for me.

3) Dine out less, eat in more

This was a goal I set expressly for January and I nailed it. I ate at home 24 of the 31 days. This was a huge step for me – I am usually the dining out queen. I want to do this again in May.

4) Move more, sit less

I’ve moved more, but I have lots of room for improvement in this area. I am going on a trip this summer and I will definitely want to have worked on this so I don’t tire out while vacationing.

5) Read more

I have read 31 books so far this year. I believe this is a personal best although I’ve never actually tracked it before.  I’ve challenged myself to write a review of each book I read this year. I’ve posted these reviews on Mondays here on the blog.

6) Invest in my dream

This is a new goal I am adding to FinishYear. I want to commit to joining a writer’s group. I also want to meet every two weeks with a writing friend.

So, what about you? How is this year looking so far? What are some goals you want to tackle this year?

What is Finish Year (#FinishYear)?

Finish Year is a community of people online encouraging one another in January and throughout the year to stay resolved and determined to see our goals lived out. Check it out and join in. Don’t allow past failures, lost opportunities define today as ruined. Make a better choice – one choice at a time. Better choices, better decisions will thrust us forward into 2012 and into our beautiful Stories.



  1. I am having to catch up on your posts, but glad I can do it now. So excited for you to be doing SO WELL on your finish year. I am glad you have found what works for you – that is IMPORTANT. 31 books!?!?! that is amazing! Again congratulations on tithing and not eating out so much – both are difficult especially when there seems to be an easier way. 🙂

    1. Girl! Thank you! It is finding what “works for you” that truly works for you. It’s important to keep trying until you find the way that clicks, isn’t it?

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