Forward Motion #3: PostSecret

Got secrets?

Source: Postsecret

In 2004, PostSecret launched. Frank Warren is the man behind PostSecret. You can read all about how PostSecret came into existence here. The idea is simple:

Every Sunday Frank Warren curates and posts postcards to the PostSecret blog. The secrets vary just like the human race.

Some are funny.

Some are sad.

Some make you cringe in disbelief, others reach deep inside you, some urge you to action, some provoke, some are words of pain from wounded, dark places. Some are very relatable.

They share beginnings, endings, habits, addictions, abuse, suicide, hopelessness, humor, celebrations, and love.

They are all share the common gift of anonymity.

Idea man and author Frank Warren has released five books of secrets that have come from the collaboration of the PostSecret community.

One thing I love about the PostSecret community is the beauty of humans connecting and helping one another through the sharing of their secrets. There are stories of redemption. There are stories of people struggling with suicidal thoughts that found hope in reading others postcard secrets and chose to continue living.

PostSecret helps raise money and awareness for suicide prevention hotlines and eating disorder organizations. All to remind people: you are not alone. You don’t have to harm yourself or others.

What an incredible idea:

PostSecret: a group art project.



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