Book Review: Donald Miller’s “To Own a Dragon: Reflections on Growing Up Without a Father”

Book Review

To Own a Dragon: Reflections on Growing Up Without a Father (2006) by Donald Miller & John MacMurray is an incredibly thought-provoking read.

Donald Miller writes transparently about growing up without a father and how that loss has affected him.

Photographer John MacMurray is co-author of this book. MacMurray invited Donald Miller to live with him and his family. Donald Miller shares his experiences and the lessons he learns during this time period in his life.

I loved how MacMurray invited Don into his family. I think that alone is riveting and a true representation of Christ and how the Church should operate.

This book reads like any of Miller’s other books: easy and with gut-wrenching honesty.

Some of the topics that Miller reflects on include:

  • identity
  • women
  • money
  • spirituality
  • fatherhood

To Own A Dragon is a must-read for everyone. It will allow you to glimpse a different perspective and help you to respond compassionately.

Also, this book rereleased as Father Fiction: Chapters for a Fatherless Generation (2010)


Favorite Quotes

“It isn’t about what you don’t get done; it’s about what you do get done.”
“God has spoken, and when God speaks, the majority has spoken.”
“…burying themselves in his arm was more about feeling his love in the confusion, in the difficulty, than it was about having moved past it.”


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