Prescreening “Blue Like Jazz” film

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Incredible. It’s been less than 24 hours since last night’s screening of Blue Like Jazz and I’m still pinching myself.

Yes. I met Donald Miller.

Yes. I met Steve Taylor.

Yes. I met Marshall Allman.

Yes. Last night was/is/will be an unforgettable experience of a lifetime.

No. I did not have flailing T-Rex arms. Yes, I’m pretty sure the Trinity sought to wrap me in self-control, seeing as I kept making a high-pitched squiggle of glee each time one of those three guys walked past me. T-Rex arms may have traumatized Donald, Steven, Marshall, and the line of people waiting to get in the theater. God is good, people, God is good.

What I can say at this time about the movie? Well, I finally saw a movie that is real. Real truth. Real searching. Real life. Not one moment did it ease in to cheesiness or poor quality. April 13 is the day it releases in select theaters. Go see this film.

I’ll write more about the film at a later time. I just wanted to share my photos and share the trailer for the movie.



      1. I recognized him, but glad you said “True Blood” – you beat me to getting to IMDB to look him up 🙂

        He was pretty cool it sounds like?

      2. Very cool! And very talented. I think one of the girls in the movie is from Vampire Diaries – I know you LOVE vampires! : )

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