“Blue Like Jazz” and Donald Miller

Tonight I am going to the pre-screening of the film Blue Like Jazz.

And if you listen very carefully you can hear me laughing and screaming and clapping my hands in glee.

Tonight I may get to meet author of the book Blue Like Jazz.

I may get to meet Donald Miller.

Do I call him sir? Or Mr. Miller? Or Don? Or Donald? How do you address someone whose books and blogs have inspired and challenged you? Do you act nonchalant? Do you gush? Or do you succumb to the horrors of T-Rex arms? T-Rex arms made a brief appearance when I met The Pioneer Woman at a book signing. T-Rex arms and I will live in a heavenly match of infamy. (A photographer caught my act of terror and I really do T-Rex arms.)

Luckily, my sister is going with me. Luckily, my sister is the one who scored the tickets. And luckily she invited me.

Kyndal will keep me grounded and centered. Although there is a story circulating of her teenage years in which she thought she saw Michael Jackson and followed the lookalike all over Six Flags.

Well I hope I don’t embarrass myself and my sister doesn’t break out into dancing – this night could get crazy, ya’ll.



  1. I just saw it last week! It was GREAT! And Donald and Steve Taylor and Marshall Allman were incredibly humble and friendly. Can’t wait to hear how you like it! I just posted about it on my blog today too! I had no idea how incredible the story was about getting it made.

    1. Thanks Tammy! I read your blog this morning and I was so excited to see your pic! I love the backstory to this movie even coming to be – what an incredible story. I can’t wait for this movie – I hope they do the confession scene which really moved me in the book. : )

  2. I want to hear all about it!! Hope you have a delightful evening…if you dance or T-Rex, it will just make the story better. 😉 So excited for you!!

  3. I like Donald Miller (and Pioneer Woman!) – I’m sure that’ll be awesome.

    My one Cher question: what are T-rex arms?

    1. : )

      T-Rex arms happen when my arms retract back (and they look very tiny) and I wave them around spastically. I have a photo that maybe one day I will post. It’s pretty scary.

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