It’s Valentine’s Day! (Part 1)

Last week, I mentioned making a list of favorites! I’ve broken them up into several parts to keep the spirit of ridonkulous love flowing all day long. I hope you enjoy! Leave me a reply in the comments below of your favorites and what you think!


Have a very Happy VD Day!



P.S. Will you be mine?



  1. I don’t think your reply box is big enough for all my favs. πŸ˜‰ I really love rom-com’s.
    Adore Mad Men and While you were sleeping. Love Legands of the Fall but also find it hard to watch….kind of like ANY Heath Ledger movie (10 things I hate about you, just can’t bring myself to watch since his death…maybe one day) AND…one of my FAVORITE movies that most people have not watched….SHAG (from 1989 set in 1963) look it up peeps and watch – typical movie but cute – I only have a VHS copy πŸ™‚

    1. I was just thinking this morning of Legends of the Fall – that should go in the same category as Atonment! Beautiful, heartbreaking movies!

      And SHAG – how could I forget Shag?! You introduced me to that movie! And we have to get you a DVD of it! LOL!

  2. Yes I will be yours. Happy Valentine’s Day! Love from one of your biggest fans :). CC
    I have always loved the movie “The Body Guard” and the song “I will always love you” sung
    by Whitney Houston. I also love “You are the Air I breath” Michael W. Smith, and “Wind beneath My Wings” among others.

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