Oh I love me some vampires!

Twilight Saga

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The end is near.

The countdown is nearly timed out.

And yes, you know, I’m talking about The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1.

Heck yes, I’m standing outside the movie theater. Popcorn, soda, and candy in my hands.

This is the only reason I’m getting up at the crack of dawn’s morning bliss – to see this movie!

You people know I do not do mornings. No way. Ask anyone who deals with me before 1 in the afternoon. Don’t mess with me. I digress –

I’m outside waiting. Waiting to elbow some old blue hair and tweenagers out of my way.

And before you judge – pull the freaking plank out of your own eye.

I’ve kept myself out of the hype.

I don’t really care to be overexposed to the popular and trendy.

I am surrounded by non-readers, Twilight haters, and I’ve got my mom CeeCee following me around with garlic cause she thinks it’s one of those vampires (she’s missing out on the sparkly, morally high-brow vampires, I tell you.)

It’s my idiosyncrasy – as soon as something is the “it” thing, I’m generally out or I bunker down and wait for the hub – bub to die down.

And the reason I’m even excited to see this one on opening day is because it’s my reward.

Several years ago, I read this behemoth of novel in one day.

Page after page.

I hate for a book series to come to an end and so the best way for me to do it was to finish the last book in one reading.

I am not exaggerating.

One day.

750 or so pages.

One day.

I walked and read bumping in to the doors and walls.

I sat and read in my favorite seats in my home (favorite to least favorite seats mind you).

I lay on the floor and read.

I curled up in my bed and read.

I took a bath and read.

All day.

People, I tell you, it was a triumphant moment of glory.

Okay, they are finally letting us in to find our seats.

I’ll see you on the other side of vampires, immortality, and me getting arrested for punching a blue hair (accidentally).

Good thing my oldest sister is a lawyer.


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  1. Love it! So excited to hear your review! Glad you had a nice time in line – I don’t do lines for movies. Also why I don’t do Black Friday. Can picture you totally taking out some peeps cuz they were in your way! 😉

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