I really found what my oldest sister had to say about the Church to be right on. I love the questions she asks!

Kyndal was here...

Is it not clear to you that to go back to that old rule-keeping, peer-pleasing religion would be an abandonment of everything personal and free in my relationship with God? I refuse to do that, to repudiate God’s grace. If a living relationship with God could come by rule-keeping, then Christ died unnecessarily. Gal. 2:21 (The Message)

I have been thinking a lot about the universal church since I began my study of Acts. I am amazed at that first church in Antioch. They met in homes and took care of those who couldn’t take care of themselves. They told the good news to whomever they encountered. They had struggles and disputes. Should the Gentiles be forced to follow Jewish traditions? Should the Jews continue to follow Jewish traditions? The clear answer is that our righteousness can only come through Jesus Christ. We cannot make ourselves righteous by following traditions…

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