An Open Letter: Bring hope to this lil’ fella!

This is Jean De Dieu.

Hey ya!

I have an exciting story to share with you. Are you ready?

Meet Hello Somebody.
Hello Somebody is the coolest project {to me} since TOMS. (Can I get an amen? I love me some TOMS.)
I first learned about Hello Somebody while at Jon Acuff’s Quitter Conference.
Hello Somebody works within and outside of the United States.
Hello Somebody newest campaign launched and is partnering with Africa New Life.
The campaign? Hello Rwanda.
Hello Somebody is helping sponsor 100 street boys to feed and educate them for a year.

Which brings me to this beautiful fella:

Meet Jean.
Jean is just like you and me.
He is 9.
He has favorite foods and a favorite color.
He lives with his mother and his brother.
Jean is in Rwanda.
Hello Somebody + Africa New Life want to educate and feed Jean.


With the purchase of a super hip, super sweet $25 wristwatch.
70 watches will allow Jean a whole year of consistent food, of consistent education, of consistent guidance.

Simple. Elegant. Understated.

Or in other words:
By donating $25, you will help feed and educate Jean and receive a bonus of a super sweet watch.

Pray about it.
Think about it.
This isn’t some heavy-handed sales call.

I teamed up with Hello Somebody on this project because I believe in creating a better story for this child.
It’s opening my eyes, opening my heart to something which I can’t really explain, but I know it’s good. Really good.

If you decide you want to do this, then click on this link and buy the watch. Make sure you click on “note to seller” which is under the shipping info and write “Jean De Dieu Nidayisaba” in the comments. That way we’ll know when we’ve reached the goal of supporting Jean!

Or if you are unable to purchase a watch, another way to get the message out and support this awesome project is to email this letter to your friends OR Tweet or Facebook this little snippet:

See what @hellosomebody, @keeks4prez, and I are doing in Rwanda! #TeamJeanDeDieu #rwanda100

Let’s do this! Let’s go Team Jean De Dieu!
Also if you go to this link on my blog, I will post updates on the progress we are making toward the 70 watches goal. If you leave a comment we will be able to track along.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Ephesians 3:20, 21



As of today, 4 watches have been purchased! Only 66 more to go!


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