Hello Somebody? Is anyone listening?

Typing this message is making my palms sweat and my heart is in anxious expectation:

I’ve got an announcement and it is:

Hello Rwanda.

You know my tagline: living a better story by sharing yours, right?

Well here’s how you and I can help create a better story for
Jean De Dieu. And his story will impact our story.

This is Jean De Dieu.

Jean is 9.

Jean lives in Rwanda, Africa.

He has a mother.

Jean has a brother.

Jean is a street boy.

We have an opportunity to help feed him and educate him.

It’s simple.

It’s painless.

It’s done by purchasing a watch. One super cool $25 watch at a time.

70 Hello Somebody watch purchases will allow Jean to have a year of schooling, guidance, and a full belly.

Will you help? 


July 2011 – I attended the Quitter Conference. I got some free swag including a bright pink watch from Hello Somebody.

August 2011 – I began following @HelloSomebody on Twitter.

September – I visited Hello Somebody’s website. I found out more about their mission and what they are doing globally and in America. Their mission: “Hello Somebody exists to feed and educate children, by providing an avenue of knowledge, in order to break the cycle of poverty and hunger within their generation.”

October 7– Jon Acuff challenged the Stuff Christians Like community to help sponsor a child, Patrick, who also lives in Rwanda. Within hours, the community accepted the challenge and helped sponsor 6 more children.

Since July, I wear my watch. I share their message of hope. I share the mission statement of Hello Somebody. But I’ve wanted to do more.

And then this tweet came October 11 from @HelloSomebody:

Every 70 watches we sell, we sponsor a child for 1 year. Think you can help us sell 70? Take part in the #rwanda100 bit.ly/qXzaiE

I sent them an email within the hour.

October 12, I received an email that I was partnered up as a Team Lead with Hello Somebody.

Tonite, I’m typing this blog entry with a photo of Jean taped to my computer monitor.

What you can do

All you have to do is click on this link and buy the watch. Make sure you click on “note to seller” which is under the shipping info and write “Jean De Dieu Nidayisaba” in the
comments. That way we’ll know when we’ve reached the goal of supporting Jean!

Or if you are unable to purchase a watch, another way to get the message out and support this awesome project is to Tweet or Facebook or share this:

See what @hellosomebody, @keeks4prez, and I are doing in Rwanda! http://bit.ly/oX4O5h #TeamJeanDeDieu #rwanda100

30 days and 70 watches. Let’s do this! Let’s go Team Jean De Dieu!

Updated 10/16/2011: Leave a comment in the comment section below when you buy a watch so we can keep count.

Update 04/01/2012: The time has passed for this particular project with Hello Somebody. However, Hello Somebody is always working on new goals, new projects, and casting amazing vision. Please support their efforts.

Thanks for supporting this amazing ministry!



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