Weigh In, Word Count Smackdown (Week 3)

I maintained this week. Weight loss 60.8 pounds.
Writing on Hawkett completely stalled out. I could/would make excuses, but what good is that?  Words this week: 0   Total words: 4,571.
I want to share my writing space with you. Notice my index cards in the background, music on the laptop, and the notebook in the front holds my outline. Primiarily, I listen to classical and film scores while writing. Atonement film score music has been my go-to. Beautiful, inspiring, haunting music.

My Writing Space



  1. I understand that wall. At least you’re not giving up!

    I don’t actually have a writing space. I have the smaller of a two-bedroom condo, and after my bed, armoire, and bookcase, there’s no room for a chair, let alone a desk. (Not that it’s horribly tiny – it’s really a nice space.) But I have been thinking occasionally about maybe carving out a little carpet I can at least sit on, so I can have a literal writing corner. 🙂

    1. Thank you! I am not giving up!

      I really like the idea of a writing corner! Every so often I move my writing space. Sometimes I just end up at the kitchen table. : )

  2. Interested to see your work space and hear about your writing music. I have found that I can focus for a longer period of time with upbeat music. Arcade Fire, Bruce Springsteen, and an 80s pop station on Pandora.

    1. Thanks Emily! I usually have to write to non-lyrical music, but sometimes I just have to have words (usually My Chemical Romance, Arcade Fire, or Linkin Park). What does that say?!

      I may just check out the 80s pop station!

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