the Dying Hair Fiasco (emails sent to sister in sheer panic and her responses to them)

(What began as a usual routine turned into drama, drama, drama–emails in order of appearance)

1st email to sister Kyndal (10:50 p.m.):

forgot I had dye in my hair and have now been on the computer 20 minutes longer than anticipated!!! Hope hair does not fall out!!! May put wig on Christmas list!!!



Her (such compassionate) reply (10:53 p.m.):

LOL! Have you been reading Bridget Jones recently because that sounds exactly like her! ROFLMAO!

My next note of woe (11:01 p.m.):

Have now rinsed out dye…Must not panic. Am self-assured person…baldness does not affect who I am. Will now condition as directions recommend. Hoping for the best.

Yours affectionately,

Hairless Keeks


Kyndal’s reply (11:16 p.m.):

ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe I need to try to read that book again. You sound just like her!! It has me laughing my head off. Tears are beginning to stream down my face. I’ve got to stop before Chris comes in here. He already thinks I’m nuts!!

P.S. good luck with the hair!


More drama (11:25 p.m.):

Scalp is tingling, tingling, TINGLING. What will I do?! Hair smells like

burnt rubbish. Must remain calm. May have to call in sick due to grievous mistake on my part. Cannot bear to have people see me in this state. Conditioner has become my new best friend–UNLESS–I may become a loyal customer of ROGAINE…although wig may be best choice. No more crazy hair…only cute, gorgeous hair…I’m thinking Jennifer Aniston hair or Julia Roberts hair…Yes, I may be onto something here

the fiasco continues on…hair truly is in a state…must continue to condition

My final debriefing on the hair that went awry (11:40 p.m.):

Hair in manic state–only hanging limply down–no bounce or sheen in

sight. Oh my beautiful mane!!! Have now secured in tightly wound towel hoping to hold in moisture so that hair follicles may re-root themselves. Will now take steps to get ready for bed but am distressed–what if towel removal displays the worst? Must be strong. Hair or no hair–life must go on!



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