A Proclamation

It’s amazing how easy it is to forget the importance, the grace, the beauty of You. There is so much I know I must pursue and I have hesitated until now.

I will zealously and passionately pursue an enlivened, rich relationship with You through prayer, quietness, and the reading of Your true and living Word. I will learn from You that it isn’t what I’m giving up. It’s about what is being gained, learned, and grown all from and for You. I will trust You in ALL areas. Help me identify the areas that I’m not letting loose of control from.

I will know who I am by believing and learning who you say I am–my identity is not my own but Yours. I will learn to better discern. Holy Spirit, help me to know when the Accuser is hurling obstacles at me and teach me to call upon the name of Jesus. My security is not of this world.
I will find that being comfortable in this skin is solely through You and begins inwardly. When I don’t want to do something becasue it’s uncomfortable–I will rebel and follow You with even more intensity and drive.

My worth is only through You. My experiences will be rare and beautiful gifts that You have chosen to reveal Your character to me through.

I choose to be you instrument, Father. Help me to hesistate less and quit waiting for some “sign”–instead I will learn to listen to You and receive confirmation in your ever perfect timing.
Help me to lean upon You–for You are my strength, my sustainer, my ultimate lover, and experience!





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