different kind of prayer (Vintage post – 2004)

Be my distraction. Be my infatuation. Be my flirtation. Be my daydream, my illusion, my mirage. Invade me. Annihilate all of me so that you will be all of me. Consume me. Burn my desires–let them smolder and melt down to only you! Refine me. Be my derailment. Be my rebellion. Be my insecurity. Take me away and let me just exalt and wonder at the beauty-the holiness-the pure intention of you.


One comment

  1. Excuse me, but it is not kind of you to write something so awesome and then make us wait and wait and wait for more. Its been 5 days now. WE WANT MORE!!! We are expecting daily blogging from you. You got the talent. Get to work.

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